Alabama Pair Marks 80th Wedding Anniversary and Reveals Key to Their Enduring Marriage

Alabama Pair Marks 80th Wedding Anniversary and Reveals Key to Their Enduring Marriage

An Alabama duo is marking a truly exceptional milestone — 80 years of wedded bliss!

George and Louise Dennis from Dothan got married on February 4, 1944, shortly after they met as teenagers, as reported by local news outlet WTVY.

George mentioned that he first spotted his future wife when he was delivering a newspaper to her home on his route at the age of 16.

“She was standing there on that porch. That was a sight to behold, I tell you. Absolutely stunning,” he reminisced to the outlet.

They started dating, and before long, decided to sneak off to Bonifay, Florida, to elope without their parents’ consent. Then they returned home and revealed the surprising news.

“I said, ‘Well, we went off and got hitched.’ You could have heard her [Louise’s mother] scream all the way from Dothan,” George humorously remembered.

While he can chuckle about it now, both of their families tried an intervention at the time. In the end, though, they obtained the approval of Louise’s father and settled into their marital life.

Eight decades later, George confirmed that eloping with Louise was one of the wisest decisions he’s ever made.

“It was the best thing that happened to me when I met you,” George told Louise, as per WTVY. Just a few months after their wedding, the couple faced another significant challenge in their relationship: George was drafted to serve in World War II.

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Before he left, they promised that they would never be apart again once the war concluded. In December 1944, Dennis was severely injured when he stumbled over a land mine. He eventually lost part of his leg and returned home to continue his treatment.

“For 16 months, it was a period filled with surgeries and recovery. Sometimes, a month and a half, six weeks, eight weeks, three months apart and he would come home to recuperate during that time,” Louise told WTVY. They faced another tough time together when their daughter Crystal, whom they adopted in 1952, passed away in a horse-related accident. “You never, never get over the loss of a child,” Louis said.

When asked about the secret to their lengthy marriage, the couple, who ran a rug business together for over 40 years, attributed it to their faith — and one very crucial principle.

“Tell the husband to say, ‘Yes, dear,’ ” George joked.

George and Louise Dennis. Image Credit: WTVY

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