Billy Dee Williams Declines Marlon Brando’s Advances: ‘I Like Women’

Billy Dee Williams Declines Marlon Brando’s Advances: ‘I Like Women’

Billy Dee Williams, a veteran actor from ‘Star Wars’, is sharing his life story in his new memoir ‘What Have We Here,’ which will be released on Feb. 13. He’s known for his roles on and off the screen.

In his new memoir, Williams reveals lesser-known aspects of his life, from being a skilled artist to a Hollywood charmer. He discusses these details in this week’s PEOPLE magazine issue.

“Now that I’m 86, almost 87, I’m thinking about my legacy,” he says. “I thought it might be time to share some things that might interest people. I’ve had many interesting experiences over the years.”

Billy Dee Williams. Image Credit: ALBERT L. ORTEGA

One of these experiences, which he writes about in his book, is when Marlon Brando made a pass at him during a party at Brando’s house. Williams, known for his romantic roles in movies like ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ (1972) and ‘Mahogany’ (1975), says, “I’ve been hit on my whole life. Gay, straight, whatever, someone’s always hitting on me.”

When it comes to Brando, Williams says he turned down the late actor’s romantic proposal. When asked why, he says, “I like women.”

Marlon Brando. Image Credit: People

However, Williams is not your typical Hollywood leading man. In 2019, he sparked discussions about his gender identity and sexuality when he said in an Esquire interview that he sees himself as both “feminine and masculine.”

“I’ve spent a lot of my life around gay people,” says Williams. “James Baldwin, who was gay, was one of my closest friends.”

But when it comes to love, as he told Brando, “I’m not into guys.” However, he adds, “I have no problem with that. Whatever you are, that’s who you are. I’m more interested in meeting interesting people.”

Billy Dee Williams and Marlon Brando. Image Credit: MATT WINKELMEYER/GETTY; HERBERT DORFMAN/CORBIS/GETTY

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