Kelly Rutherford Shares Her Secret to Her Graceful Style and Those Elevator Selfies

Kelly Rutherford Shares Her Secret to Her Graceful Style and Those Elevator Selfies

Kelly Rutherford has been shining at Fashion Week—and in life.

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion,” says the 55-year-old actress, who has recently been spotted at both Paris and New York Fashion Week looking fabulous after spending a decade mostly out of the limelight focusing on parenting.

Now, the star of Melrose Place and Gossip Girl is back on television, featuring in the French comedy Escort Boys, and she’s enjoying being back on TV and on the red carpet.

Kelly Rutherford on Instagram. Image Credit: KELLY RUTHERFORD/INSTAGRAM

What’s her secret to looking so great?

“I really don’t know,” she ponders. “I think the secret is not to overthink it, enjoy your life, and find your peace and happiness. I believe it’s also my lifestyle. I eat healthily. And my mom looks really young for her age, so perhaps it’s genetics.” She also makes a point to disregard any nonsense about women being considered irrelevant after 50.

“I think it’s about tuning that out, enjoying your day, your life, and your age, whatever it may be, and being truly grateful for your health and wellbeing,” she says. “At the end of the day, it’s all a blessing.”

Regarding fashion, she says she was into style even before she became famous as a fashion icon on Gossip Girl.

“It’s the dreaminess of it all,” she says about embracing fashion. “I used to make vision boards. I loved creating lives and worlds from a very young age. Not just fashion, but I’ve also always loved design and architecture. I love beauty; I love cities.”

Kelly Rutherford on Instagram. Image Credit: KELLY RUTHERFORD/INSTAGRAM

Her stylish elevator selfies on Instagram have also caught people’s attention.

“Social media has always been a natural thing for me,” she says. “I don’t have anyone doing it for me. I never have. I post quotes and people like them, but it’s not necessarily for likes or anything. I’ve found my way with it. I think we’re all just finding our way with all of this stuff that’s suitable for our age, our lifestyle, the things we like.”

She adds, “I think it’s so important to do our best to spread positive energy in the world. The world needs it. We all need it.”


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