Apple’s Initial Foldable iPhone Models Resemble the Galaxy Z Flip

Apple’s Initial Foldable iPhone Models Resemble the Galaxy Z Flip

For a while now, there have been whispers that Apple is developing iPhones that can fold. It wasn’t clear at first if these would be flip phones like the Galaxy Z Flip series or more like the larger Galaxy Z Fold. A recent report provides more details about Apple’s mysterious foldable iPhones.

The report suggests that Apple has created at least two sample models of a flip-phone-style foldable iPhone. These models fold sideways, much like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series. It’s not certain if Apple has created any models that are similar to the Galaxy Z Fold series.

Apple is also reportedly working on the much-talked-about foldable iPad. But before Apple enthusiasts get too excited about the prospect of foldable iPhones arriving soon, The Information points out that these devices aren’t even part of Apple’s production plans for 2024 or 2025. Clearly, Apple’s foldable iPhone project is still in its early stages. It seems the company is just experimenting with the concept at the moment, and it’s not clear when they plan to launch one.

The report also mentions that Apple is keen on creating foldable iPhones with screens on the outside. However, the company’s engineers have reportedly “struggled” with this design as it tends to break easily. The engineers also want to create a foldable iPhone that’s as slim as current iPhone models, but the size of the battery and display components make this complicated.

It’s reported that Apple has been in talks with at least one manufacturer in Asia to get parts for a foldable iPhone. The company is also said to be working on the rumored foldable iPad, which would be about the same size as an iPad Mini. This foldable tablet isn’t expected to be available until at least 2026 or 2027.

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Credit must be given where it’s due; the Galaxy Z Flip series has made flip-phone-style foldables trendy. Samsung’s marketing strategy for its flip phones has positioned the device as a stylish accessory. This is similar to how Apple markets the Apple Watch. Yes, it’s a smartwatch like any other, but part of its appeal is its status as a lifestyle product.

Apple clearly sees the benefit of adopting this strategy for its foldable iPhone in the flip phone style. It has noticed the immense popularity of the Galaxy Z Flip series and wants to tap into a market that Samsung has effectively developed. As it stands, it seems that Apple is still a few years away from launching a foldable iPhone, as it needs to set up a supply chain and overcome the engineering challenges.

Considering the rapid pace at which Samsung is enhancing its foldable phones every year, where might the Galaxy Z Flip series be by then? We’re in for some exciting times!

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